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Internet of Things

Below are the extensive services we offer in the space of IoT.

  • End Nodes: We design and develop End Nodes entirely from hardware to firmware.
  • Sensor Networks: We have the expertise in building the efficient & optimized sensor networks using various Wired or Wireless technologies, LoRa, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Profinet , Sub-1 GHz, Modbus
  • Gateway: Custom Gateway solutions to enable compatibility and compliance between sensor networks and end-user devices.
  • Mobile & Cloud Connectivity: Design, development and integration of cloud based SaaS(Software As a Service). This enables data analytics that make predictions possible.
    • Our Services
    • BSP & Driver Development
    • Software Porting
    • Software Services
    • Optimization
    • Internet of Things
    • Software Development
    • Product Engineering
    • PCB Design Services
    • Hardware Design Services
    • Embedded & IOT Lab Setup

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